Location in
the urban area

You could not be more central! MY.B has its home in the popular Berlin Mitte (Centre) district, in the heart of the pulsating metropolis. Not only are many landmarks of the city at home here, but also the creative minds of the city. Numerous recreational possibilities and opportunities to go out make “Mitte” so attractive.


Europacity is a young, lively quarter in the immediate vicinity of the Hamburger Bahnhof (Hamburg railway station) art and culture site. It covers an area of about 61 hectares around Berlin’s main railway station. To the south, the area borders on the banks of the River Spree, and on the Nordhafen and Perleberger Brücke (Perleberger bridge) to the north. Heidestrasse, on which MY.B lies, runs through the quarter as the central thoroughfare and is developing into an attractive boulevard of European calibre with its wide, tree-lined footpaths and the shops and restaurants that will be located here in the future. 

location quality

MY.B is located directly on Heidestrasse and is in the best of company. Businesses already located there (such as Total Deutschland, 50Hertz, KPMG, Airbus, MLP and many more), the high and varied architecture quality as well as an almost perfect traffic infrastructure are very appealing to potential tenants and demanding employees. A multiple award-winning, architectural highlight is, for example, the TOUR TOTAL opposite MY.B, which was complete by CA Immo in 2012. In 2013, CA Immo completed the new flagship of the InterCityHotel Group at Washingtonplatz. The Meininger Hotel as well as a Steigenberger Hotel are two additional hotels that have been built directly at the main railway station. In summer 2015, CA Immo completed two more modern office buildings, the Monnet 4 and John F. Kennedy Haus.

transport connection

From MY.B to the entire world: The nearby main railway station (only 5 minutes away by foot) provides not only a quick connection to the long-distance and regional rail network, but also to the two Berlin airports (Tegel and in the future the BER as well), which can be reached in just 20 minutes. A pedestrian-friendly network of footpaths and streets as well as attractively designed public areas and open spaces connect the area with the surrounding urban space. Europacity is optimally accessibly both by public transportation as well as by car. It is perfect for commuters, and pleasant for guests, customers and partners.


Berlin’s Europacity is the future quarter of the city. Hence the local infrastructure is correspondingly varied and appealing with an urban mix of working, living, shopping, art culture and leisure. Retail shops and gastronomy are concentrated in the ground floor zones of Heidestrasse, which has been transformed into a boulevard. Attractive residential space is situated on the Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal (Spandau Shipping Canal) and on both sides of the new Stadtplatz square. Art enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with the Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum of Contemporary Art, galleries and studios. A click on the respective symbol in the interactive map will show you where to find things.