The Hub is the heart of MY.B. There is not only space here, but rather room for information communication, dialogue and creativity. Your job and life blend through the clever combination of work areas and room concepts: open space, co-working zones, communication islands, flexible offices and regenerating relaxation under one roof! From the hub you have also easy access to the inner courtyard with its numerous sports facilities, resting and communicating zones.

Entrance Area

Welcome! MY.B presents itself to each guest as a transparent, open place of communication.

Soft Co-Working

People who would like to exploit the synergies of co-working get together here. Projects, ideas and people come together to help each other get ahead.

Informal meetings
A quick informal meeting – here is the space for it.

Relaxing breaks 
Relaxed listening, catching an inspiration – here is the setting for this.

Increased connectivity
Perfect conditions for digital work processes – here is the technology for this.

Breakout Pods

Small, protected areas that become islands of communication. Ideal for constructive dialogues.

Lounge Corner

Architecturally appealing and highly comfortable at the same time, the MY.B Lounge presents itself as a favourite meeting place in the building.

Waiting area
Waiting for colleagues, receiving guests, brief recuperation, reading a thrilling article right through in peace? The lounge is ideally suited for this.

Meeting space
If you don’t want to meet guests, partners or employees at your desk, but rather in a relaxed setting, then turn the lounge into a meeting space.


One room, a thousand possibilities: The Multibox is the multi-purpose room 4.0. It is versatile, and can be booked by all tenants.

Social and media events
A get-together with bloggers or a classical press conference, company celebration and big presentation – the Multibox provides the perfect infrastructure plus extremely attractive ambience.

The Multibox seating can be arranged flexibly for larger events such as conferences, lecture series, sales meetings etc.

Learning materials and workshop equipment enrich the furnishing of the Multibox on request and make the workshop into a successful event.

Staff training
The quality of internal further education and training measures increases if the setting is right, and it takes place outside of the usual working atmosphere – for example in the Multibox.

Fitness and yoga classes
Flexible body – flexible mind. The range of fitness courses is a true benefit for employees, which guides them to greater well-being without any detours and effort.

sitting lounge
table tennis