The new office building in Europacity, Berlin. The perfect base for future-orientated companies. The creative think tank for the employees of tomorrow.
The workplace in the centre of Berlin of which we only dreamed yesterday: MY.B, the “place to be” for all who want to shape the modern work culture and live it.

“What inspires me?

Co-working instead of co-existence!”

From the break-out pod to break even. Whoever relaxes here today will provide excitement in their industry sector tomorrow. Find out more about The Hub here, the communicative heart of MY.B.  

“What inspires me?

An office concept that is open for the future. Just like me.”

Berlin’s best office worlds on 13,000 m2 (140,000 ft2). Find out more about individual solutions here.  

“What inspires me? Perfect technology.

Short distances. I can invest the time I save in new ideas!”

1 minute to the bus, 5 minutes to the tram, 5 minutes to the main railway station, and it’s just a jiffy to success. Find out more about the perfect infrastructure here  

“What inspires me? Making the right decision at the right time.

Because I was given excellent advice.”

It’s good to know when partners know what they are doing. For example, 1.34 million m2 (14 million ft2) of top office space rented all across Europe. Find out more about the right contact person here.  

"What is at the heart of MY.B...


Impressive room concepts implement what “new work” needs and “new workers” call for: open space, co-working zones, communication islands, flexible offices, inspiring dialogue and regenerating relaxation. Smart, sustainable, perfect infrastructure, a micro-cosmos that reflects Berlin.