My.B Haupteingang Heidenstraße
MY base.

This location interprets the kaleidoscope of Berlin’s colourfulness as a new working world with networked interests and the blending of your job and life. MY.B is so much more than an office building! The impressive room concepts implement what “new work” needs and “new workers” call for: open space, co-working zones, communication islands, flexible offices, inspiring dialogue and regenerating relaxation. No question: Above and beyond this, MY.B is smart, sustainable, has a perfect infrastructure, a brilliant location and hence is a micro-cosmos of all these points that reflects Berlin. As a starting point for great stories.


MY.B is a home base for innovative businesses and motivated employees. The floor plans and areas that are available are correspondingly diverse and flexible. 

underground garage
ground floor
1st storey
2nd storey
3rd storey
4th storey
5th storey
Office worlds

14,600 m2 (157,000 ft2) total rental space – that’s a lot of space for the future. And it is highly designable! MY.B offers the possibility to freely develop visionary, entrepreneurial objectives on six storeys with workplaces that are matched exactly to the requirements of “new work” concepts. This means open, flexible and technically at the highest level. Each rental unit can be planned separately in any way, whether it is an open space concept, office cubicles or a mix of the two. Talk to us, and we will design your office sustainably together with you.

open space

MY.B is a future-orientated green building. The requirements of the applicable German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are even partly exceeded. MY.B has already received the “Gold” provisional certificate from the renowned German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The quality of life will also be influenced not least by the quality of the architecture and choice of building materials. MY.B tells a story of the greatest possible care from the outside to the inside, so that users and visitors will feel comfortable immediately in the unique ambience of the building. The open architecture supports the basic communicative character of the building. From the colour concept to the furnishings, each decision was pondered down to the details concerning the overall effect of the building.